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Re: [tlug] [OT] Sony Metal-ES Cassette Tape (Sony & TDK CT, RIP)

On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 5:58 AM, Attila Kinali <> wrote:
On Thu, 8 Mar 2012 20:04:31 +0900
Lyle H Saxon <> wrote:

> I've been sitting on those tapes for about a quarter century - time to
> start looking around for someone who can use them I guess.

Wow! Those tapes are old! Even older than my Compuserve Floppies
i'm holding on. But i somehow doubt that anyone will ever have
a use for them ;-)

I don't think comparing squeaky new, never opened, never used, high quality audio tapes with floppies is a relevant comparison.  There are people out there who prefer analog sound recording to digital sound recording (sound - the real thing - is analog after all), and as for being old - of course!  They don't manufacture metal tape any more!  So people who are still using quality cassette decks *need* "old" tape, because - shy of going back via a time machine to buy new tape - "old" is all there is.  NOS is the term actually (New Old Stock) - because it's never been opened.  Incidentally, there is also a market for 78 RPM records and mechanical (wind-up) players (some that can use bamboo needles), which better qualify for the term "old!" with an explanation mark.

Regarding how long tape can last, here's a quote from a post about reel-to-reel tape:

"Some Good Vintage NOS Tape To Get - Just for example, Scotch 150 has been, in my own experience very long lived tape. I have some of this that is at least 35 years old, and hasn't exhibited any break-down at all. Other Scotch tapes like 203 and 207 are outstanding in performance and longevity as well. Ampex 351 is another one that ages very well, and seems to leave the heads and guides a little cleaner than the Scotch 150. Audiotape, Maxell, TDK, Irish, American, Sony, and even some Realistic and Supertape (Radio Shack) tapes all do really well in weathering the ravages of time."

And if you look up metal tape prices on ebay, they appear to sell for around $10 a tape.  So - the situation is vastly different than you seem to realize.


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