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[tlug] [OT] Sony Metal-ES Cassette Tape (Sony & TDK CT, RIP)

Dug up some unopened squeaky-new Sony Metal-ES cassette tapes (46)
from around 1990 I think.  Anyone know someone interested in high-end
cassette equipment (who might be in need of no-longer-in-production
metal tape)?

Contact me on or off list (I don't know if retro-technology is of
interest to anyone in the group or not).

Out of curiosity, I dropped by the Yodobashi Camera store in Kichijoji
and noted that they only have one kind of cassette tape -
bottom-of-the-line junk from one manufacturer (Maxell-UR) that would
be suitable for dictation or something.  They had a sign in the
section above a bunch of empty shelves that said Sony and TDK have
suspended (for all time) production of cassette tape following damage
to factories they had in Thailand from flooding.


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