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Re: [tlug] KDDI vs. NTT for Land Line Internet Access

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On 2011/12/29, at 15:02, "Stephen J. Turnbull" <> wrote:

> Lyle H Saxon writes:
>> Amid all the BS, you have to wonder how to get a hold of accurate
>> information.
> Buy a meter and measure it.  Ask the PM about what kind of information
> oligopolists give you in this country.

I can't find the +1 or retweet button on this social text app (was it built in the 70s or something?!).


I would say that KDDI is inferior to the NTT connection I had in my old apartment in Nakano Chuo ku.  However, I am generally pleased with it.  I don't think anyone could unless they spend a lot of time transferring large data volumes (think BitTorrent)

I don't pirate music or movies, and downloading the latest Lubuntu image is usually pleasant enough.

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