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Re: [tlug] KDDI vs. NTT for Land Line Internet Access

On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 3:07 PM, Jawaad Mahmood
<> wrote:
> No problems [with KDDI].  Managed to setup a server to connect to the outside.
> Never had any problems with their service.
> I do find it irritating that they give me a wireless router and then
> disable the wireless part (unless I pay X yen - can't remember quite
> how much)
Thanks for the feedback!

If I go that route, I might not need wireless anyway, but they don't
have different routers for wired and wireless then?
> Regardless of what they say, it doesn't hit 1 gigabit, but it is still
> fast and decent.  Makes me wonder how I ever dealt with Bell Canada.
They never reach advertised maximums it seems, but apparently it's a
bit faster than NTT.


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