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Re: [tlug] Fan Slowing Down Processing?: Gap?

On Wed, 28 Dec 2011 12:23:30 +0900, CL <> wrote:

> Just casual observations and a question:
> My Xubuntu 11.10 torrenting machine, assembled out of parts a few months 
> back, has been getting buzzy.  The nice, shiny, copper Zallman CPU fan 
> buzzed a bit from new but, as it collected a bit of room dust became a 
> major contributor to the auditory background and seemed to run at full 
> wide open throttle at all times.
> There appeared to be an unrelated issue of all processing just about 
> ceasing when torrenting and I'd attributed that to Vuze being a CPU hog.
> So, I removed the Zallman and installed the stock fan.

> - The stock fan is much quieter.  It never seems to need full throttle 
> even when running wide open.  It isn't absolutely silent, but the low 
> hum can only be heard when I am sitting next to it to select downloads 
> and to clean up my storage.  CPU temps seem to be about 5~6 degrees C lower.

> - Suddenly, the "click a key and stare for two minutes" wait is 
> completely gone. All input is processed immediately with no delay.
> So, it appears that the fan speed controller subroutine was killing my 
> machine's performance.  Since it is a downtime period, I have been 
> casually wondering whether the problem is caused by the CPU fan, the 
> controller, the BIOS, the OS or a combination of several.  Anyone else 
> experienced something like this in the past?

There is the _possibility_ of a mundane explanation for 
correlation between slowness and Zallman stuff. 
If the cooling was bad enough, the CPU would get too hot 
and slow down to avoid further overheating. 
Was there some gap between CPU and the heat sink? 

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