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Re: [tlug] Gentoo (was Kubuntu 11.10 日本語入力 How?)

Josh Glover writes:
 > 2011/12/15 David J Iannucci <>:
 > > FWIW - I have heard tell that, at least as of a few years ago, Gentoo
 > > had arguably the most dysfunctional developer community of any major
 > > distro, with some of the worst in-fighting. I have no trouble
 > > believing it.
 > As a former developer, I can confirm that this was true up to two
 > years ago, when I left for the last time. I seriously doubt anything
 > has changed since then. :(

Well, the only one that's really comparable is Debian (unless you want
to consider *BSD one distro in three organizations ;-).  GNU itself is
ruled by a Mad God dictatorship (but thankfully he ignores most of it
almost all the time), and the rest that matter are either copy-distros
or commercial (even the prospect of getting paid seems to make most
people fairly cooperative :-).  Debian is not what I would call a
smoothly functioning organization (though I can't make a comparison to
Gentoo, being directly involved in neither).

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