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Re: [tlug] Kubuntu 11.10 日本語入力 How?

Hi Ray - Re: "If it isn't working out for you, and you're going with
an entirely new distribution, then try Ubuntu again but install in
Japanese from the beginning..."
Actually, that's exactly what I did.  But although the whole sytem and
all applications have Japanese menus, I haven't been able to get
Japanese input working.

Re: "I have English menus but Japanese input."
That's what I really want actually - but I've been going with
everything in Japanese both for an easy install and to force myself to
improve my Japanese reading skills.

CL: Re: "That's odd.  The posted instructions worked for me and I was
going to add a 'thank you' when I had a moment free.  Inputting the
first two instructions in your post from the command line restored the
Ibus icon and, since my selections in ibus-settings were the way I
wanted them, I left those panels alone.  A reboot was all it took to
get me where I wanted to be."
I'm glad to hear that was of some use.  I suspect that in tinkering
around with it, I ended up installing too much stuff and ended up with
things that got in each other's way?  As a temporary fix, I tossed in
an older version, which is working, but do want to get going with the
newer releases.

Re: "As for other OS choices:  A couple of Kubuntu users I know are
trying out Debian 4 + KDE and say that once you've eliminated the
increased asshole factor of the proponents and melted all of the 'ice'
by installing proper versions, you have an OS with a look and feel
similar to Kubuntu but without some of the oddities."
That sounds like it might be a plan.  I don't care for the direction
Ubuntu has taken with Unity.  It appears to be primarily designed for
small touch-screen devices (for which I wouldn't mind using it, but it
really sucks on a desktop computer).

NO: Re: "In Ubuntu-jp mailing list, there is a thread that reports
recent IBus package can't work with Qt-based application. Does the
mail helps you? "
Possibly - I temporarly gave up on Kubuntu 11.10 with that machine,
but think I'll try this again on a test box and see if I can get
things to work.

DJI: Re: "I realize this isn't for everyone, but I've been much
happier since I switched from packaged binary distros to Gentoo about
5 years ago. Gentoo draws the line between what I want to know as a
savvy user and what I don't want to have to know about what's going on
under the hood of my machine at a place that's just right for me
Sounds like something I should try out on the test box and see if I
want to go in that direction.

RW: Re: "Oh...forgot to add this to my previous e-mail:  I'm using
Ubuntu + Ibus + gnome.  I have never tried KDE before.  I know this
combination isn't working with KDE tools like kile, kdevelop, kate,
With one of the previous versions of Kubuntu I couldn't input Japanese
in Kate, but then it worked with 10.04.  When I had to have something
in Japanese in Kate, I'd type it elsewhere and copy-poste it in.  The
current problem seems to be no Japanese input anywhere.

RW: Re: "In short, please try to modify your
/etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/ibus file: - if [ -e
/usr/lib/qt4/plugins/inputmethods/ ]; then + if [ -e
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/plugins/inputmethods/ ];
"Thank you for this!!  *That* was easy...yes, it worked.  Of course, I
also had to install the ibus-qt4 package, but this change fixed a
problem that I have been accepting for a month or two...  Now I can
comment my source code in Japanese.  ;-)  Thank you!"
Well, I'm glad the thread helped someone else out, since I'm still
fumbling around here!

SS Re: "I tried unity with Ubuntu 11.10 for about a month with unity
thinking maybe I could get used to it.  Finally I stumbled on a thread
for getting the gnome legacy stuff working from gnome 3.  Essentially
all you had to do was add the gnome 3 libraries and reboot, then
select the legacy stuff at login like before.
"The ibus 日本語入力 worked fine with both Unity and Gnome.
"Long term I don't know where ubuntu is going but this gnome setup
close enough to gnome 2 that I'm happy for now.  Hopefully ubuntu will
realize how many of us dislike unity and give us what we want.  I saw
that Ubuntu 12.04 is out but am reluctant to touch it."
Reluctant to touch it - yeah, that sums it up pretty well I think.
I'm only willing to try it out on a test box.  *If* it's less horrible
than 11.10, then I'll think about using it on a work machine.

SJT: Re: "I was happier with Gentoo for a long time, but recently I've
become less happy."
Hmm...  On one hand there's "Kaizen" and on the other "If it isn't
broken, don't fix it".  So much breakage done in the name of kaizen.

Anyway - thanks for all the feedback everyone!

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