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Re: [tlug] Apple vs. FSF and gcc 4.2.1

On Mon, 17 Oct 2011 11:39:26 +0900
Darren Cook <> wrote:

> > The issue is GCC itself.  Apple has bet on extendability and
> > embeddability (LLVM).  See JC's post...
> Yes, that was interesting. What I didn't realize is that clang now
> supports C++ (including some of C++11 [1]), and there is a linux
> version. Ooh, and an ubuntu package for it!

Actually, clang is quite easy to compile yourself, if you need a
new and up-to-date version. Unlike gcc where you have to chant the
right spells in the old, forgotten tongue, before typing the not-so-obvious
commands in the shell. Oh.. and dont forget the robes and the candles...

Of course, the defaults gcc comes with are totally bonkers for "esoteric"
stuff like ARM and the error messages are less then helpfull.

I havent really tried clang yet, but i do hope, they learned from
gcc's mistakes.

			Attila Kinali
The trouble with you, Shev, is you don't say anything until you've saved
up a whole truckload of damned heavy brick arguments and then you dump
them all out and never look at the bleeding body mangled beneath the heap
		-- Tirin, The Dispossessed, U. Le Guin

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