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Re: [tlug] Pre-linux problem: How to access BIOS/setup

On Oct 12, 2011, at 4:21 PM, Raedwolf Summoner wrote:
> Went down to Yodobashi and got a new Acer (Aspire M3970) that has Windoze pre-installed.
> I almost never use Windoze, and thought I would immediately install Ubuntu and start using
> my favorite Linux apps on this machine.
> I'm still in Windoze. Can't find a way to access the BIOS/setup, can't boot from DVD, don't
> see anything on the monitor after pressing the <power> button until Windoze login shows
> up. I've searched the Acer site and the web and so far seen nothing on what to do about it.
> The manual totally avoids anything to do with these matters.

Read this :

Lewske Wada
Facebook: Lewske Wada
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