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Re: [tlug] Pre-linux problem: How to access BIOS/setup

Got my TLUG digest today and really appreciated all the helpful
answers. I had indeed already tried the usual suspects, the DEL
key being my favorite, but was in limbo when I did it. I suppose
I had accessed the BIOS setup, but still just couldn't see it
because of the connector problem. I was afraid to press too
many buttons while stalled because I didn't want to do anything
weird in setup.

Guilty admission: I had connected both HDMI cables and DVI
cables to compare the screens and see if I like one or the other
better. DVI gave me a really strange oversized screen from
which I couldn't access the Windoze menu. No problem with
it after disconnecting the HDMI cable. Haven't yet tried to see
if HDMI alone (with no DVI) will show the startup screen.

I guess hooking them both up even though both are on the card
is a no-no.

I am now happily running Linux again. Still haven't hooked up
my Brother printer/scanner (a nuisance, but not really difficult)
and have yet to download the proprietary driver for my Nvidia
graphics card.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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