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Re: [tlug] git: push from behind the firewall

On 2011-07-11 18:02, Darren Cook wrote:
> And it would create the repository on just as if I'd
> done git clone from there.
> Getting more sophisticated, I don't want documentation, examples, etc.
> uploaded, and also don't want the live server error logs and data
> deleted, so this may be better:

In the yet another way to do it, you could mimic part of what or
heroku do by abusing git hooks.

I start with a "bare" repository that is elsewhere on my live server,
and then "deploy" by taking advantage of the git post-update hook ...
which not only copies across the files I'm interested in but automates
other bits of the deployment process (schema updates, log rotations,
test settings, doing some actions atomically, ...) I used to forget.

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