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Re: [tlug] Git: bring in a file from another branch

Darren Cook writes:

 > Thanks. Something else to chew on. Branching is what makes things
 > complex for me, so it seems a bit of a paradox to do more of it, not
 > less ;-)

The more you do something, the more natural it becomes.

OTOH, are you using git for git's sake, or just because the library(s)
you need are on github?  If the latter, you might be more comfortable
using bzr, which has pretty good support for using a git repo as the
backend for the bzr UI.

You can't really get away from branches entirely in any modern VCS
(not even subversion), but where git's philosophy is "Branches are the
answer.  What's your question?", bzr OTOH prides itself on adapting to
your workflow.  Don't ask me any further questions, though.  I don't
use bzr at all, except to update my Emacs clone, because branches
*are* my favorite answer, and git does branches the way Bobby Fischer
used to do chess.

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