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[tlug] firefox with facebook/google+

When I write a status update on facebook I have no visible cursor.
Otherwise everything is fine; i.e. my left arrow presses are working, I
just cannot see them working. Today I tried out google+ and saw exactly
the same problem!
I'm using firefox but haven't seen this problem on any other sites.

Is anyone else seeing this?


P.S. Poking around google+ with firebug I see it is a div, not a
textarea. It has "cursor:text" set in the CSS., when I click it,
it creates an iframe, and that appears to be where the editing is happening.
Why on Earth have they made it this complicated? (If there is a real
reason, then that is a serious question :-)

BTW, it seems Facebook are using a textarea (with loads of javascript
attached), and "cursor" is set to default.

I.e. completely different approaches triggering the same bug. Curious.

Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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