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Re: [tlug] MeeGo? Netvertibles?

Thanks, everyone, for the thoughts.

On Tue, 21 Jun 2011 09:10 +0200, "Christian Horn" <>
> For tablet/touchscreen usage probably Android is much more
> interesting, wider userbase, more applications and the OS is better
> developed.

No doubt all true, however I'm somewhat squeamish of Google's role in
Android.  I'm coming to trust them less and less. Meego sounds far more
open, on the face of it...

> You did not say much about your needs, the lenovo is maybe interesting
> if one needs x86 compatibility.

I guess my needs are not entirely clear even to me, as this machine is
meant to be used in my upcoming "new job", and I'm not sure entirely
what that will entail :-)  At this point I imagine I'll want the thing
to be like a normal Linux laptop sometimes, and other times be able to
use it like a tablet, for convenient mobile-type activities.  Maybe this
means something like a dual boot setup?  Dunno. The whole idea of dual
booting of course, suggests a netbook rather than a smartphone... but
maybe this kind of thinking just shows my age :-)

I'm planning to put Meego on a stick, take it down to my local retailer
who has the Lenovo s10-3t, and try booting it and see how it hits me.


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