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Re: [tlug] Browser share in Japan?

On 6/2/11 4:47 PM, Darren Cook wrote:
>>> They give some numbers here:
>>> and the numbers are big, but I'd like more details, including how many
>>> hits the Japanese numbers are made up of.
>> Great question.  If you can get Statcounter to explain how big their
>> Japan sample is and how big their mobile sample in Japan is then we can
>> be more comfortable with their data. Until that time, I can only say
>> that their public numbers do not match our data.
> Hello Gen,
> That is interesting. Are you able to tell us which company or website
> the "our data" refers to?
Sorry, I forgot to clarify that I work for Mozilla.
> Comparing their global stats, StatCounter has less IE, and more
> firefox/chrome (e.g. 29% vs. 21% for firefox):
> It that the difference you're seeing for the Japanese data too? (I've
> not see the per-country breakdown from NetApplications.)
Japanese data is even less trustworthy because as we all know there are
more Internet users on mobile than on desktop but that is not reflected
in the browser statistics.
> I'd expect less IE for technical websites. And more IE if most of the
> hits are coming from offices (where people may not have the freedom to
> install browser of their choice). Those are the kind of biases that
> might be present in Statcounter or Netapplication data.
> Darren

Gen Kanai

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