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Re: [tlug] Browser share in Japan?

(off list) If you're interested in some numbers as a reference, for us (, retail site) over may we had:
  • Internet Explorer / Windows 62.37%
  • Safari / Macintosh 10.19%
  • Chrome / Windows 6.12%
  • Firefox / Windows 5.98%
  • Safari / iPhone 5.21%
  • Firefox / Macintosh 2.71%
  • Safari / Android 1.84%
  • Safari / iPad 1.77%
  • Chrome / Macintosh 1.09%
  • Android Browser / Android 0.79%
With regards to IE specifics, we saw:
  • 8.0 77.19%
  • 7.0 14.68%
  • 6.0 5.28%
  • 9.0 2.84%
  • 4.0 57.34%
  • 3.6 32.91%
  • 3.5 1.53%
I hope this helps...


On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 09:55, Darren Cook <> wrote:
Does anyone freely publish browser market share for just Japan? Either
some company collating lots of results, or analysis for a big site.
Stats for Yahoo Japan would be just perfect! (Being open source, I
thought might publish log analysis, but I couldn't find

I'm generally interested in market share, including how much of PC
traffic is now coming from mobile phones. However my question of the day
is I see IE6 still claims 11% market share globally but I've heard this
is mostly due it being pre-installed on pirated copies of Windows XP,
and that the 11% global share is all due to 20% share in China and
Korea, and it is close to 1% in the rest of the world.

(If you know of any companies selling worthwhile OS/browser data against
*demographic data*, for Japan, China and Korea, please let me know; if
it is only available in native language I can cope with that, but I need
a recommendation to know the data is statistically meaningful and from a
reliable company.)


P.S. Apparently firefox is losing global market share, but what is
happening is that it is still growing but the "pie" is growing faster,
and segments where Firefox is strong (Europe, and users who can count to
3 in binary) are not growing as quickly.

Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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