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Re: [tlug] Browser share in Japan?

On 5/30/11 1:26 PM, Darren Cook wrote:
>> There's no place to go for accurate data for browser share in Japan.
>> StatCounter's data is flawed.
> Hello Gen,
> Could you explain more.
> They give some numbers here:
> and the numbers are big, but I'd like more details, including how many
> hits the Japanese numbers are made up of.
Great question.  If you can get Statcounter to explain how big their
Japan sample is and how big their mobile sample in Japan is then we can
be more comfortable with their data. Until that time, I can only say
that their public numbers do not mach our data.

>> NetApplications's data is better (from a global perspective) but it is
>> clear not much of their data tracks the high amount of mobile usage in
>> East Asia.
> I'm interested why you think their approach is better:
>  (scroll down to "About Our Market
> Share Statistics")

Our team has found NetApps' data to be more congruent with what we see.
It's not perfect but better than StatCounter.

In Europe there are other sources that are more accurate.  In Asia there
are some markets that have country-specific tracking like
for Thailand but that is rare. Accurate public data regarding browser
share is hard to find.


Gen Kanai

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