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Re: [tlug] Call for presenters for TLUG February 12 technical meeting


This will be my first time to attend TLUG meetup, but I'm willing to make a

The topic is on CAcert, which is a project to build community-based
RootCA (Certificate Authority). It's getting closer to get accepted
into Mozilla,
and the first official CAcert event in Japan is currently planned on 3/5 (during
OpenSource Conference 2011). I'm current working with people to
get things rolling, and can provide recent update on CAcert activity.

Does this sound interesting enough to TLUGers?

Best Regards,

>> our next Technical Meeting will be on February 12 at Digital Garage.
>> from the responses, I think the schedule will be:
>>     February - Jon
>>     March - Simon, Kalin
>>     next time he's in Japan - Nguyen
> Sorry! Just realised the 12th is in the middle of a long weekend.
> I won't be available.
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> Jon
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