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[tlug] Call for presenters for TLUG February 12 technical meeting

our next Technical Meeting will be on February 12 at Digital Garage.

On Mon, 27 Dec 2010 11:11:28 +0900
Edward Middleton <> wrote:
> Having said that, it would be great if we could confirm a provisional 
> schedule for speakers.  At the moment the following people have offered 
> to speak.
> Simon Gibson - Bash Scripts and Automating Deployments.
> Nguyen Vu Hung - Information management with Redmine
> Kalin Kozhuharov - Introduction to Digital Forensics: Using Open Source Software
> Jon Povey  - Embedded Linux

from the responses, I think the schedule will be:
   February - Jon
   March - Simon, Kalin
   next time he's in Japan - Nguyen

*** any other volunteers to speak in February? ***

could you please write one paragraph summarizing what you plan to present?

thank you

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