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[tlug] (slightly OT) Lots of IT magazines in Japanese for free

Hi all,

Slightly off-topic, but I was wondering if anybody can find a good use
for some old Japanese IT magazines in very good condition (read once,
no marks). I am optimizing my library and I think I will not have time
to look at them again.

I offer the following for free (all in Japanese):

1. IT Leaders: IT/project management oriented magazine , #1 (2008/10)
- #28 (2011/01)

2. 日系SYSTEMS: System development oriented magazine, has some FOSS
coverage, #189 (2009/01) - #205 (2010/05)
Includes 2009/04 - 2010/03 in PDF form on CD-ROM

I can bring this somewhere in Tokyo or on the March TLUG meeting.


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