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Re: [tlug] Wireless router attached to a wired router [SOLVED]

Stuart, Hector, Marco, Dishie, Romeo,

Thank you all for responding.

You were all basically right. Connect directly to the wireless router,
disable DHCP and give it a static IP, and then move it over to the main

I don't even want to think about how long I just spent getting it all to
work though (sometimes it depresses me how much of my life is spent
fighting configurations.)

While the basic objectives were clear, the wireless routers set up
interface was not. I don't even want to think about how much time I
spent in trial and error, and resetting and reconnecting...

Anyway, there's no point to these threads if they can't potentially be
mined for future reference, so here's what I think I did. This might be
too specific to my particular wireless router, but hopefully some
parallels could be drawn to other situations.

Step one, connect the wireless router to my laptop by ethernet. Turn off
laptops wireless connection, and change it's wired connection to be in
the same IP range as the router's default setting (router:,

Step two, ignore the "インターネット接続ウィザード", as it seems to be
pretty much useless and even though the manual says to go here, nothing
I ever did in this area ever did a f*****g thing.

Instead, step three, go to 有線設定, and select LAN側設定. This is where
one sets the IP address that the router will listen on. Set 装置のIPアド
レス to an IP range that fits within what the main router uses (I chose Subnet mask and default gateway are whatever you are using
on the rest of your computers.

Save settings and, step four, unplug the wireless router and connect it
to the main router. You can now connect to it from any machine on the
network on it's assigned address,

Last note... to set whether or not the wireless router will use DHCP or
fixed IP when connecting wirelessly to a computer, go to 有線設定 -> WAN

In other words, LAN側設定 are how the wireless router talks to the main
router, and WAN側設定 is how the wireless router talks to computers
connecting to it.

At least, that's what I think is going on.

Thanks to everyone for providing the road map to help me work out this
particular interface.

Dave M G

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