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Re: [tlug] Wireless router attached to a wired router

On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 20:34 +0900, Dave M G wrote:
> I'm pretty sure this is or should be possible.
> I've got a 4 port router that was provided to me by my ISP. The cable
> modem connects into its WAN port, and 3 of the 4 available LAN ports
> are connected to computers.
> I want to add a wireless router, and I've got one here. 

I do this at home. Plug the ethernet cable from the wired router into
one of the LAN ports (not the WAN port) on the wireless router. Assign
the wireless router a fixed IP address somewhere in the wired router's
address space (not in the dhcp address space). Turn off dhcp service in
the wireless router; the wired router will take care of that. Go to the
wireless router via its IP address; configure the WPA2 key. 

That should do it.
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