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[tlug] Mutt and putting an image above the signature

Scott Robbins writes:

 > Leaving aside rants about how bad this is, in this day and age when
 > everyone uses html mail (I pity those with bandwidth limits),

It's not about bandwidth (and never really was, although made it
easier to sell to PHBs), it's about how bad HTML sucks in reality.
XHTML is a lot better, but even so, HTML mail is basically a spammer's
best friend and a programmer's nightmare.

Mutt being a generally well-reputed program, is it possible that you
have some kind of setting that collects attachments at the end?

It's also possible (well, certain, since you mention Outhouse) that
the recipient's MUAs are broken, and assemble the MIME text parts
first, and only then the non-text parts.

Send yourself a copy of such a mail to an address where you'll have an
mbox file to look at, and look at it with less or a programmer's
editor, and see if the parts are in the order you expect.

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