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[tlug] PC Donations and wireless card/usb dongle plea

Happy New Year!

And what better way to start the new year than with some random acts of kindness? In that spirit, I was wondering if there are some tluggers who know of NPOs/NGOs or schools that would be interested in receiving desktop donations. Also, I was hoping there were some owners here of unused wireless cards/dongles that they would be willing to donate.

My firm is willing to donate 170 desktops with the following specs: 
-DC7600 "Small Form Factor" ( 
-Pentium 4 (3GHz) 
-512MB RAM Memory 
*Not included: HDDs, monitors, mice, keyboards

Also, I am involved with two schools that have already received PC donations. They need the following wireless card/dongles (802.11b or g):

-PCMCIA cards 
-USB dongles 
-Intel pro wireless 2200bg cards

If you are interested in getting involved, please send me a direct e-mail (off-list) so that I can provide you more details (e.g. share notes on running USB based distros on the donated hardware). Otherwise, wish you all a great 2011!


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