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Re: [tlug] Suggestions for a smartphone with an SSH client?

I have both an iPhone 3GS(Softbank) and an crappy HTC

Personally I find that Softbank and Docomo's network coverage
(at least in Tokyo) doesn't change too much.  Both kind of suck
on the train.  So I wouldn't worry about the network too much.

> 1) iPhone or Android?

I've probably spent more than $20 on iPhone SSH software
and I hate all of them.

ConnectBot is way better as an SSH client.  It also supports
port forwards (both ways and SOCKS), which I use quite often.

My phone is an older one with a trackball though, so clicking it
for Control is pretty easy.  Not sure how it'll work with the newer
phones.  But since ConnectBot is open source you can change
it to suit your needs.

Protip: In Android you can also change the keyboard.  One guy is
working on a code editor for Android called Touchqode.  It comes
with a programming keyboard that works a little better than the
standard one for SSH IMHO.

> 2) If Android, which model?

Docomo has a device that looks like a small Netbook called the LYNX.
It might be a better 'phone' if it's mostly for browsing the web and
doing SSH and email. I haven't used it yet, but I'm keeping an eye
on it when my current contract ends later this year.

Problem is the LYNX and the like are pretty customized so they might
not get upgraded for a while.

For a more regular device the Galaxy S is probably the best bet ATM.
I have a feeling it'll get updated more regularly than the more customized
phones. Even if it doesn't it'll be easy to root it and upgrade it yourself.

Eduardo Gonzalez

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