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Re: [tlug] Suggestions for a smartphone with an SSH client?

On Thu, 2011-01-06 at 22:35 +0900, Ian Barwick wrote:
> 2) If Android, which model?
> The Samsung Galaxy S from Docomo looks like it might
> fit the bill, but that's based on a quick trip through the Docomo
> store. 

I have a Galaxy S (upgrade to Android 2.2 *still* not available --
grrrrr) and use ConnectBot as an ssh client. It works OK but the
on-screen keyboard is a pain in the neck to use: Control-key
combinations require 3 taps; characters like the pipe symbol require
either a long tap or two short taps. 

As for the phone, I have persistent wifi problems. I have to power cycle
the phone and/or the wireless router once a day to get it to connect
successfully. Also, wireless connections with authentication through a
web page seem to work about once. After that the authentication page
does not come up. I've been told that the wifi problems are fixed in
Android 2.2 but since the upgrade is not available yet, I have no way of
telling if this is true or not.

Other than that, I love this phone ;-)
Stuart Luppescu -=- slu .at.        
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Excellent, Berwin! Specifically the part about why 
 the bug never really triggers wrong behavior. Your
 mail should be saved in 'The Annals of R' ...   
 -- Martin Maechler (after Berwin A Turlach
 reported a buglet in       'splineeval')      
 R-devel (July 2005)  

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