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Re: [tlug] strange nfs crashes

* Romeo Theriault ( [100415 18:26]:
> I'd give version 3 a try. We run a lot of nfs in our shop and we use
> solely nfs v3.

we have tested our setup at office-room and all worked fine. No troubles
at all. In fact, we have another set of machines at server-room and
those also had no problems at all. Only by moving the new set of
machines to server-room our trouble started. What is interesting, the
other (all-the-time-in-server-room) set of machines also started to have
troubles now, since they were also "rewired" to the new switch. That is
partly why I blame the switch in the first place, but of course, I
understand that this might be just a coincidence and the cause may lay
elsewhere (hw failure, for example).

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