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Re: [tlug] strange nfs crashes

Michal Hajek <> wrote:
> I have several linux machines which mount nfs dir from yet another linux
> machine (aka server). All worked fine in the office room. Later the
> machines were moved to server-room, and were connected to different
> switch. After that change, nfs starts crashing/freezing. 
> I am short of imagination of what could go wrong. 
> The only apparent change was the switch and thus the speed of net - in
> office we used 100Mb/s and in the server-room there is 1Gb/s switch. 

Does the server have a gigabit NIC?  Is it possible that
autonegotiation of speed/duplex failed or your network admin turned off
autonegotiation on the switch?

I have seen cases where a link failed autonegotiation and become half
duplex on 1 end.  SSH still seemed to work but file transfers over
the link was very slow.

Supposedly gigabit ethernet's autonegotiation have gotten much better
compared to fast ethernet but this is one thing you can check.


Stephen Lee <>

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