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Re: [tlug] Presentation about the Semantic Web

Hello Nicolas. This was the right place to post; as soon as Edward Middleton, or Pietro Zuco, in particular notice this email then you've got the right people's attention about speaking at the technical meetings.


Akira Kurogane

On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 4:23 PM, Nicolas Raoul <> wrote:
Dear Tokyo Linux Users Group members,

I enjoy the busy and passionate atmosphere of the meetings and
nomikais of this group, so I'd like to participate more : I am willing
to do a presentation. Is any timeslot available during one of the next
meetings ?

My presentation would be about the Semantic Web (aka Web of Data, aka Web 3.0):
- Basic idea
- Technical basics through an example
- Benefits in terms of data openness
- Open Source implementations (if time allows)
- Discussion

I started worked with those things in 2007 when designing the
next-generation archival system of the French National Library, which
holds 13 million books and wanted to expose them in the Semantic Web.
I am now studying Japanese and working on HTML5 at W3C (World Wide Web
Consortium) at Keio University. There is a lot to say about the
Semantic Web, but I can limit my presentation to anything between ten
minutes and one hour in order to fit the meeting's schedule.

Nicolas Raoul.

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