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Re: [tlug] Presentation about the Semantic Web

Nicolas Raoul wrote:
> I enjoy the busy and passionate atmosphere of the meetings and
> nomikais of this group, so I'd like to participate more : I am willing
> to do a presentation. Is any timeslot available during one of the next
> meetings ?

We still have a timeslot for the May 9th technical meeting.

> My presentation would be about the Semantic Web (aka Web of Data, aka Web 3.0):
> - Basic idea
> - Technical basics through an example
> - Benefits in terms of data openness
> - Open Source implementations (if time allows)
> - Discussion
> I started worked with those things in 2007 when designing the
> next-generation archival system of the French National Library, which
> holds 13 million books and wanted to expose them in the Semantic Web.
> I am now studying Japanese and working on HTML5 at W3C (World Wide Web
> Consortium) at Keio University. There is a lot to say about the
> Semantic Web, but I can limit my presentation to anything between ten
> minutes and one hour in order to fit the meeting's schedule.

Sounds great.

Best regards


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