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Re: SCIM working! (Was: Re: [tlug] Re: EeePC so far)

Jim Breen writes:

 > Yeah, I have been aware of that being the process since I started using
 > Unix, erm, 22.5 years ago....

Yeah, and it's quite possible that you forgot that little fact 22.0
years ago, human memory being what it is.<wink>  More important, there
are lots of people around whose only encounter with Unix is via
GNOME.  (As Bill the Cat would say, Ack!  Phtt!  Coff!  *hairball*
But there I go connipting again....)

 > I'll cut to the chase and see if I can start canna in Xsession.
 > Hmmm. Didn't work....

Probably you need to actually enable the thing somewhere.  Does
`rc-update' exist on your system?  (rc-update is the way modern
distros usurp all control over init scripts from the human admin.)

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