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[tlug] Re: Call for presenters - March 14th technical meeting

John Fremlin wrote:
> Edward Middleton wrote:
>> Subversion was just an incremental improvement on RCS->CVS but probably
>> still the best for a purely centralized repository approach.
> I'd strongly support a talk that debunked this myth. That's like
> saying that you had best use horsemen if your army doesn't need to
> travel more than a few miles a day -- military science and version
> control systems have both moved on.

I would say it is more an issue of paper vs laser disks ;)  Which DVCS
is the clear winner (I think git is getting there but has a long way to
go)? which widely used DVCS trivially supports import and export and
interoperability with all other major DVCS's?

> Just because you can use a system in a distributed way doesn't mean
> you can't use it with a central repository.

Don't make me inflict functional xslt on you ;>


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