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Re: [tlug] A new netbook distribution on Eee PC

> What kind of UI do you get with that? Is it the netbook remix?

It's a kind of netbook remix though they say they're independent
from Canonical.

> Are you unhappy with it for some reason?

It's a shame but I cannot particularly find a falty thing
in the distribution that came from somewhere in Africa.
It can even run circuit simulation with no problem as attached.

> It is plain Lenny, right? They just tell you how to tweak it for your
> eee. I am using it right now on my Aspire One. I am using KDE (3.5,
> normal - not netbook anything). I don't have any trouble at all since I
> replaced network manager with wicd.

Lately I bought a 64GB SSD for less than 20k yen so I'm gonna
probably try installing the Debian on it later.

I use Emacs so often that I had to change the keys invoking
SCIM to shift-space (not ctrl).  Do most of you all do this?

> That's a pretty cool domain you have there!

I've been using it for like 8 years.  Thanks!

Texas Instruments

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