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Re: [tlug] A new netbook distribution on Eee PC wrote:
> So anyway, I downloaded the ISO image from here:
> and burned it into a DVD-R.  The installation is very easy
> following the instructions on screen, and it comes with
> wireless LAN driver that works fine from the start.
What kind of UI do you get with that? Is it the netbook remix?
Are you unhappy with it for some reason?

> Has anyone tried DebianEeePC?

It is plain Lenny, right? They just tell you how to tweak it for your
eee. I am using it right now on my Aspire One. I am using KDE (3.5,
normal - not netbook anything). I don't have any trouble at all since I
replaced network manager with wicd.
> Ryu Wada :
That's a pretty cool domain you have there!


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