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Re: WiMax in Japan: only as backbone for YOZAN? (was Re: [tlug] Nokia N810 and WiMAX in Japan)


On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 10:07 PM, jep200404 <> wrote:
> Mike Mazur wrote:
>> Wikipedia states[4] that YOZAN Inc.[5] provides WiMAX service.
> Actually, Wikipedia states that YOZAN "uses WiMAX as a backbone
> for its public Wi-Fi service". That could mean that there is
> no direct public access to their WiMAX stuff, only indirect
> access through Wi-Fi.

Ah, that's a good catch. It would explain the lack of customer WiMAX
information on the website.

>> [4]
>> [5]

I guess consumer WiMAX could be available in Japan by this time next
year[1], though.



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