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[tlug] Nokia N810 and WiMAX in Japan


I'll be traveling to North America for Christmas and might be able to
get a Nokia N810 WiMAX edition[1]. It's an Internet tablet device, not
a mobile phone, runs the Maemo Platform[2][3] and has an active
community developing third-party apps at

I'm curious about the availability of WiMAX service in Japan though.
Wikipedia states[4] that YOZAN Inc.[5] provides WiMAX service. I can't
find much definitive information on their website though; the English
information is either old (2006) or the links are broken, and my
Japanese level isn't high enough to dig for details. I know the mobile
companies here provide wireless Internet services to consumers (such
as KDDI) but I can't find anything WiMAX specific.

Does anyone have any details on the status of WiMAX in Japan? How
readily is it available? How much does it cost? What's the service

Does anyone else have a Nokia Internet tablet? Are they even available
anywhere in Japan?



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