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Re: [tlug] how to determine which drive failed in software raid 5

Le samedi 27 septembre 2008, scott a écrit :
> Hi again Francois,
> As it turns out, sdparm doesn't show the serial # of the SATA disks for
> some reason. Maybe my version of sdparm is older? I'm using version:
> 1.03 20080623.

No idea. Mostly depends on controller (linux driver and which extended 
commands he supports). sdparm does not work everywhere, that's a compatbility 
mode with SATA. This is supposed to be used with true scsi disks.
If not already done, remove the disk from the raid array (mdadm ?) and just 
send it a shutdown command sdparm --command=stop . Your disk would be the 
silent one, of the coolest one after few minutes.
If not supported either, try removing the disk on the #2 connector or your 

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