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Re: [tlug] how to determine which drive failed in software raid 5

Le samedi 27 septembre 2008, scott a écrit :

> failed drive like "real" servers have. Also, if I recall correctly, when
> you remove a drive, the bios/OS will rename the devices sequentially so
> potentially sdb could turn into sda etc, so how would I know if I got
> the right one?

If you're on SATA: sdparm --all /dev/sdb
(supposing you have the sdparm package)
and you'll find all informations about the disk (Model/Serialno). The one 
you're looking for is of course the Serial number, the same that is on the 

But if you have racked drives, you'll can't read the label it without stopping 
the system... that's why that's important to know the hardware port sequence 
of your controller.

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