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Re: [tlug] Hey, I'm all about the RAID now

Dave M G wrote:
So life with RAID is pretty good so far. I think it actually performs faster reads now, though maybe I'm just being optimistic.
RAID1 should be faster on reads. Reads should be something like the fastest of the two drives access times where as writes should be something like the slower of the two access times.

I'm just wondering, though... if one of my drives dies again, how will I know? Would there be some kind boot error message?

And if one drive starts having bad sectors, will it duplicate the munged data onto the good drive?
Well it should get kicked from the RAID1 if errors occur. I presume it will show up at boot time but I don't know whether Ubuntu shows boot messages. If you setup mdadm it will email you when errors occur and you can always manually check by

# cat /proc/mdstat

in the command prompt.


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