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Re: [tlug] Hey, I'm all about the RAID now (Was: Setting up a RAID 1 with Ubuntu)

On Tuesday 16 September 2008 01:04:59 Dave M G wrote:
> Except, I'm not quite sure about this last stage of instructions on the
> web page I was using as my guide:
> "Replace kernel and initrd filename if necessary. Reboot and try if
> Ubuntu boot on the second hard drive."
> The instructions are kind of vague and I'm not even sure what the goal is.

I would advise *NOT* doing that section of the instructions.  I think the 
person who wrote the HOWTO was misguided in writing it.

What he imagined he was doing: making an explicit menu item in GRUB that would 
allow booting from the second hard drive, for use when the first one has 

If the first hard drive fails, though, the other hard drive would be detected 
as the first (available) hard drive at boot, and "(hd0,0)" would be used to 
boot it.  So, no modifications to grub are required; one just needs to make 
sure to make the second drive bootable.



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