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Re: [tlug] Hey, I'm all about the RAID now (Was: Setting up a RAID 1 with Ubuntu)

On 2008-09-16 19:21 +0900 (Tue), wrote:

> If the first hard drive fails, though, the other hard drive would be
> detected as the first (available) hard drive at boot, and "(hd0,0)"
> would be used to boot it.

Well, that depends on the mode of failure. It's not unknown for a hard
drive to be probed by the BIOS, but not be bootable.

But in almost any case where the grub menu would help you, you're likely
to want to be manually picking the second drive to boot from, in which
case you're there, and you can just use the BIOS, or unplug the broken

This is the one great failure of most non-special-purpose-hardware RAID
systems; if you lose the drive in certain ways, and then have to reboot
unattended, you may well not reboot.

> So, no modifications to grub are required; one just needs to make 
> sure to make the second drive bootable.

This, indeed, is quite important to test.

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