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Re: [tlug] MySQL behaving strangely


Thanks for responding.
Seems you've messed things between old and new packages.
Before anything else, we'd like to hear about your /var/log/mysql .

Hmm... the thing is that this is a completely fresh install of MySQL. Fresh, as is the whole OS and LAMP server were just installed about two days ago, with nothing done to it except to edit the my.cnf file.

I'm not totally discounting the possibility that somehow, maybe even with my attempt to uninstall it, I put on two copies. Weird things do happen. But it just seems from the sequence of events that it strikes me as kind of unlikely.

So I'm just wondering if there's any other possible causes that might have this effect. Is it possible, say, that MySQL is running in some kind of broken state, so that it can't properly be shut down, and so it can't be removed?

Dave M G

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