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I'm going to put away my Linux hat (which is red, and likes puns) for a moment and put on my "day job" hat (I recruit people).

I am currently searching for a junior-to-mid-level Red Hat, Solaris, and/or AIX SA (this is an "any" condition, not an "all" condition).

*Company*: The company is a European financial company (not investment bank) that is not exposed to the current market situation, and in fact, is actively expanding.  And the head of the IT division can still write code, so I have some serious respect for their style/culture.
*Skills*: Anyone who can manage to install and administer Red Hat, Solaris, and/or AIX boxes, and can read, understand, and speak Japanese.
*Pay*: Between 5.5M JPY~7.5M JPY, maybe more, depending on overtime-- still not confirmed yet.
*Location*: 1 minute walk from the station, inside the Yamanote line (central Tokyo).

I've introduced 3 people successfully to this company over the past year in different positions, and I can say with a high degree of integrity that it's a good place for a technical person to work (except that the office lacks some windows, but some of you might see the lack of Windows as a benefit).

If anyone is interested, or knows someone who may be interested, please e-mail me off list and I will e-mail you the full job description.

The ideal candidate would likely be someone a little bit more junior who has promise but needs a little guidance-- so if you know anyone like that, especially in the current market environment, please feel free to pass the info on to them.

My work contact:



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