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[tlug] Okay... wow. Ubuntu just impressed me greatly.


I'm just floored right now, and I thought I'd just share a "wow... Linux is getting amazingly better all the time" type story.

As mentioned in another thread, I recently lost a hard drive, and had to completely reinstall Ubuntu 8.04.

Earlier today, I got a Power Point document for work that I had to print. I went to go print the document, forgetting that I had not yet installed the printer under the new Ubuntu installation yet.

Damn, I thought. I guess I need to go through all the hassle of finding the drivers, installing them. Last time I remember doing it, I had to go find RPMs from the Canon site, convert them using Alien, and so on.

This time... I don't even know what happened. I went to the print page in OpenOffice Impress, and when I saw that my printer wasn't listed in the printer options, I just closed the dialog box again, bracing myself for having to start a whole process of installing the printer.

But, and I don't even know how it got triggered, a window in Gnome came up for installing the printer. And it had already identified my make and model. It gave me a wizard with some installation options, which all seemed to be already all set for my printer model.

Bam. Printer installed. All I had to do was click "Ok" a couple of times. Not only that, but this time the Guttenberg drivers being used can actually utilize the printer's ability to print both sides of the page, which wasn't possible with the drivers I had previous.

Printers are usually one of the biggest headaches. Not this time though. Plugged and played. I just printed out a test page and my Power Point document, and everything is working like a charm.

I'm really impressed. That is sweet.

Just thought I'd share.

Dave M G

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