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Re: [tlug] Hard Drive Failure (Was: Help! Total hardware failure)

Le dimanche 14 septembre 2008, Mark Makdad a écrit :
> I purchased a Buffalo NAS unit that contains two 500-GB drives in a RAID 1
> mirrored array.  Should one drive die, I can insert another drive of the
> same size and the device will duplicate for me.  The unit sits on my home

> Either way, for a 40,000 JPY investment, when a new drive will cost you
> 10,000 JPY anyway, I'd say it's a fantastic deal.  It has 2 drives
> included-- half the cost of the hardware are the drives themselves.

Well Mark, I think you should think buying one more drive.
Prebuilt NAS are shipped with disks from the same series. It is not unusual 
for drives built at the same time to fail at the same time (few hours). That 
have been seen in many datacenters: the second drive could fail while 
replicating on the replaced one.
Just replace one drive with another one, and if you think having two different 
drives would impact perfs, then put the original one it in few weeks or 

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