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Re: [tlug] Dinky computers

2008/9/13 Johan Berntsson <>:
> Another interesting small laptop is MSI Wind, but it has not been released yet.

You know, I'm sure I saw one, but I wasn't really paying attention to
the models, just playing with the shiny things...  In any case,
there's a whole sector with that sort of stuff in nowadays, and they
all come out at about 60k yen for about the same spec.  I may find
myself in BIC this afternoon, so I'll see what I see.

Annoyingly, I'd prefer something with a better screen resolution but
the jump from 1024x600 to 1280x768 is the jump from 'almost disposable
and therefore cheap' to 'better than your average laptop and therefore
expensive'.  Despite the fact that the more expensive category often
has worse CPUs in.


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