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Re: [tlug] Dinky computers

On Friday September 12 2008 00:19, Ian Wells wrote:
>Has anyone fondled the latest batch of small laptops recently?
>The Eee ones have always struck me as a bit too flimsy, though,
>and I'm wondering if the Dell one is any more solid...

I recently saw an Asus Eee 900 for the first time in a local store. The 
particular one i saw was defective (it was running Windows), but i 
still was able to open up a text editor and test the keyboard. After 
playing with it for a few minutes, my impressions are these:

1) I want one.
2) The keyboard is a little small for an adult of average size hands.
   A child would probably find it quite comfortable though.
3) It would be perfect to take on trips where i'm not planning on
   doing extended typing sessions. (See point #2.)

Basically, it would be great for typical e-mail and web browsing usage. 
I wouldn't use it to type a novel or to do much coding. It would be 
perfect as a travel laptop, not as a primary daily-use machine.

I did not get the impression that it was too flimsy. I expect such a 
small laptop to not be as rugged as, say, a Toughbook. But since it is 
so small and lightweight, there will be less force on components such 
as the hinges. I think if treated with as much care as a normal laptop 
that it will last just as well. I'm somewhat seriously considering 
ordering one of the Linux ones. Right now when i travel i take a 
MacBook which has never run Linux as satisfactorily as i'd prefer (so 
it runs OS X). But if i could have an even smaller laptop that runs 
Linux, that would be *ideal*. I would take it with me more often since 
it is not as cumbersome to lug around as a full-size laptop.

I've not seen any of the other new, tiny laptops. My impression of the 
Eee PC was favorable, but it is entirely possible i'd like one of the 
others better if i spent a few minutes with it.

Dan Ramaley                            Dial Center 118, Drake University
Network Programmer/Analyst             2407 Carpenter Ave
+1 515 271-4540                        Des Moines IA 50311 USA

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