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Re: [tlug] Dinky computers

On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 12:35 AM, Daniel A. Ramaley
<> wrote:
> On Friday September 12 2008 00:19, Ian Wells wrote:
>>Has anyone fondled the latest batch of small laptops recently?
>>The Eee ones have always struck me as a bit too flimsy, though,
>>and I'm wondering if the Dell one is any more solid...
> I recently saw an Asus Eee 900 for the first time in a local store. The
> particular one i saw was defective (it was running Windows), but i

Is it at all possible to buy a Asus Eee with Linux in Japan? I've only
seen the Windows XP version here.

Another interesting small laptop is MSI Wind, but it has not been released yet.


> still was able to open up a text editor and test the keyboard. After
> playing with it for a few minutes, my impressions are these:
> 1) I want one.
> 2) The keyboard is a little small for an adult of average size hands.
>   A child would probably find it quite comfortable though.
> 3) It would be perfect to take on trips where i'm not planning on
>   doing extended typing sessions. (See point #2.)
> Basically, it would be great for typical e-mail and web browsing usage.
> I wouldn't use it to type a novel or to do much coding. It would be
> perfect as a travel laptop, not as a primary daily-use machine.
> I did not get the impression that it was too flimsy. I expect such a
> small laptop to not be as rugged as, say, a Toughbook. But since it is
> so small and lightweight, there will be less force on components such
> as the hinges. I think if treated with as much care as a normal laptop
> that it will last just as well. I'm somewhat seriously considering
> ordering one of the Linux ones. Right now when i travel i take a
> MacBook which has never run Linux as satisfactorily as i'd prefer (so
> it runs OS X). But if i could have an even smaller laptop that runs
> Linux, that would be *ideal*. I would take it with me more often since
> it is not as cumbersome to lug around as a full-size laptop.
> I've not seen any of the other new, tiny laptops. My impression of the
> Eee PC was favorable, but it is entirely possible i'd like one of the
> others better if i spent a few minutes with it.
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