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Re: [tlug] Firefox 3.0.1 doesn't respect <meta http-equiv="content-type">

Curt Sampson writes:

 > and add a new tag to HTML which specifies the charset of the HTML.

You don't need a new tag.  The HTTP-EQUIV attribute of the META tag is
perfectly usable (although for this simple purpose the syntax is a bit
baroque, it's backward compatible), you just tighten the restrictions
on when it SHOULD/MUST be used and what it SHOULD/MUST say for
conformance to the next version of HTML, and give it precedence over
any nonsense the server might tell you.

In other words, we're right back where we started.  We argue that the
precedence specified in Ch. 5 of the HTML standard is broken.

 > I'm apparently not the only one that thinks this way, since this is
 > exactly how the xml content-types work.

That's not what RFC 3023 says.  Oops.

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