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Re: [tlug] Firefox 3.0.1 doesn't respect <meta http-equiv="content-type">

I think that there was some discussions like follows:

Curt Sampson writes:
 > Well, I used to think that the priority (server header over meta tag)
 > ought to be reversed, but now I wonder if it's not correct. After all,
 > I'm surely not the only one that has written a server that does encoding
 > conversion on the fly based on the client.

I agree, I think that the spec should be reverted. However, the Debian folks seem to set "AddDefaultCharset" as "off" by default, like above document, for the moment. It seems like a practical approach to me.

From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Sent: 2008年09月09日 19:28:21

This may be a W3C frain bart, but pretty clearly either the server
should respect http-equiv or they should fix it.

Hm, I believe that it is still too difficult for the web severs to determine the content enconding on the fly. At least, it is a very big overhead for the website in general.

This was the problem I met when I moved to Apache2.0 few years ago, and I thought this was a bug, but there seems to be a reason to set the charset by default. So, now I may have to use "AddDefaultCharset" set to "utf-8" for the general purposes. But in fact, sometimes I am still using "Off" for this directive to keep using the old contents...

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